Back from the dark side...

Toby Holness has re-joined the Crayford branch sales team after a brief sabbatical with another manufacturer. Six weeks was all it took for him to realise his mistake and the cheesy grin on his face shows how happy he is to be back to add to the 8 years he has already spent with Citroën.

It wasn't a straight forward affair though, Sales Manager John Halliday made three conditions on his return which we could use some help monitoring.

1. He must improve his telephone message taking, by actually passing them on!
2. He must refrain from changing his colleague Rob Wallers' screensaver...
3. He must never be so stupid again!

But Toby is back to help any customer he either meets for their first buying experience from Wilmoths or returning to see him for the second or third time.

Welcome Back Toby, we'd say we missed you but you weren't gone long enough!!