What’s the recipe for keeping chefs happy?

Let them drive some of Britain’s tastiest cars is the answer.

And to prove the point, chefs at Southampton’s top restaurants, Mettricks, Supermarine, and Tapas Barcelona, are now stirring their way through city traffic in a selection of delicious cars from the DS Automobiles range.

To match their sky-high reputations, they’ll also be taking diners 100 ft into the air to enjoy their best culinary creations as part of a promotion showcasing top-flight dining alongside the brand new DS 7 Crossback – for those who like their cars served rare, it’s the only one in the UK ahead of the model’s launch at the end of the year.

The dining event involves lifting a specially constructed table 100ft into the air above Guildhall Square for just 22 guests at a time to enjoy six different events every day, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and cocktails.

The promise of truly uplifting cuisine is coming via the Southampton in the Sky event running from September 21 st until September 26 th .

Chefs from top venues in and around the city will be serving up their signature dishes, cooked in a special kitchen at the centre of the table. And to help give it all a lift, Wilmoths DS is providing a fleet of 10 specially branded DS 3 and DS 4 cars to the staff at Mettricks, Supermarine, and Tapas Barcelona.