Road Safety for Drivers

The UK's biggest road safety event returns this year, and schools, organisations and communities promoting awareness of life-saving messages. Here you'll find advice and tips for safer driving.

At Mitsubishi Motors we believe its only right that part of our responsibility is to provide information that helps our drivers stay safer on the roads. Find out how you can drive smarter, safer and more economically with helpful information on safe motoring.

Improving road safety

Improving road safety takes well designed transport infrastructure, cars equipped with intelligent safety technology and full understanding of road safety and speed limits.

A serious road accident happens every 20 minutes in the UK with 1,770 people killed on UK roads in 2018.

​Main causes of road accidents in the UK

Distracted Drivers
Calling or texting on a phone is still the number one cause of road accidents, but eating food, putting on make up, reaching for an object or even reading a book were all recorded causes of accidents in 2018.

Despite having some of the safest roads in the world, speeding is still a major cause of accidents in the UK and carries a fine of £100 or more, 3 penalty points on your driving licence and attendance of a Speed Awareness course.

Alcohol and Drugs
Slowing reactions and reducing your ability to spot hazards, even a small amount of alcohol can put you over the limit.

Dangerous Driving
Aggressive driving, illegal overtaking and racing other drivers are all forms of dangerous driving that account for 10% of serious accidents.



Slow is smooth and smooth is fast

Reducing how fast your drive can be a genuine life-saver, giving you more time to react if the car in front suddenly brakes or a pedestrian steps out into the road. What's more, approaching junctions and roundabouts at a low, controlled speed can lessen the need to brake hard and actually reduce how often you need to come to a stop.


Don't get distracted

Hazards can come from anywhere, especially when driving in towns and cities, but rural roads should be taken equally seriously. Never look at your phone while driving and take advantage of any voice or steering wheel controls your car has. If your car connects to your phone, ensure you do this before you start driving.


Give yourself time

Anticipation is key to driving safely. Look ahead for possible hazards. If you're on the motorway or dual carriageway take note of when you pass an exit, because you know an entrance is coming up soon and you might have to move out.

When you come up to traffic lights, a good rule of thumb is to stop while you can still see the rear wheels of the car in front.