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Used DS automatics

The selection of models from DS is renowned for the contemporary and eye-catching styling they provide. However, these models are not a case of style over substance. In fact, they come packed with all the latest in-car technology, responsive and economical engines, and exceptional levels of comfort that ensure an unforgettable ride. And, with selected models, you can even choose to get behind the wheel of a vehicle featuring an automatic transmission.

The used DS automatic vehicles currently available from Wilmoths DS are listed on this page and each offer smooth, seamless gear changes that help enhance the driving experience. So, whether you’re choosing an automatic DS3 or a DS7 SUV, moving through the gears with a minimum of fuss has never been simpler.

Finding out more about what a used DS automatic has to offer is easy too. Just click through the individual listings on this page and you’ll be presented with information on the vehicle specifications and performance. Not only that, but a series of images offer a closer look at the key features, meaning you’ll be able to make a fully informed decision on any model you wish to purchase.