DS has unveiled pioneering and unique technology that makes the world of shopping easy.

Buyers of the DS 3 Connected Chic will now have a payment chip embedded in their car key which they can activate to make cashless payments of up to £30 simply by waving the key over the terminal. No more fumbling in bags, pockets, purses, or wallets. The DS 3 car key unlocks the world of easy transactions.

DS has entered into a partnership with bPay, the contactless payment brand of Barclays, to offer DS 3 Connected Chic customers the chance to use their car key as a contactless payment device. The fitment of a payment chip to a car key in this manner is a first in the automotive industry.

Since its launch, DS 3 Connected Chic has been underpinned by the message that it is a model driven by style, enhanced by technology.

How can DS 3 Connected Chic Key be used for contactless payment? A small payment chip inserted into the key allows it to be used in the same way as a payment card. The chip remains dormant and unusable until the customer activates it by setting up an account with bPay in their name and adding money into the account. After this, the key can be used for contactless purchases of up to £30. The account to which the key is linked can hold up to a maximum £200 at any one time.

Once activated by the customer, the account can be topped up whenever needed and remains secure – the vehicle’s second key can be used by other drivers or when the car is taken for service, for instance.

Those quick trips to pick up a treat or forgotten essentials, or merely grabbing a bargain when you see it, become much easier when the only thing needed is the key of the car that took you to the shops.

It’s another example of DS living up to its “Spirit of Avant Garde” philosophy. Find out all about DS 3 Connected Chic and the other exciting DS models at Wilmoths DS today.