From £289.12 (per month)
Initial Payment £1,734.72
35 Payments £289.12
Annual Mileage 8,000
Excess Mileage Charge 6.25ppm
All figures are excluding VAT

This offer is based on the DS 3 CROSSBACK E-TENSE Prestige.

Other models available, different lease duration also available, miles can be adjusted to suit individual needs. Metallic paint is chargeable. Free2Move is a dedicated business vehicle solution, - in today's world we understand that many companies offer business car allowance & payment for business use on personal vehicles.

For that reason - we welcome the following as Free2Move Customers:

  1. Directors Taking vehicles personally & sole traders
  2. Letter from employer confirming employee is paid for business use or confirming vehicle allowance.
  3. Payslip confirming vehicle allowance
  4. Copy of employee vehicle allowance