Citroen Service Plans

Maintain Your Vehicles Warranty

Citroën’s name is well renowned in the automotive industry and among UK motorists for the design and build of vehicles that are stylish, affordable, and which provide exceptional levels of performance. With such a reputation, you can also look forward to driving a model that offers the utmost in reliability, with careful craftsmanship and resilient materials the hallmarks of each and every model in the range.

For Maximum Peace of Mind

Of course, even the best and most reliable vehicles require regular maintenance, with the day-to-day usage leading to inevitable wear and tear of key components. At Wilmoths Citroën, we’re aware that vehicle service may seem like another expense to vehicle ownership, which is why we work hard to ensure that our aftersales department is able to offer an array of services for a price that is more than competitive. Not only that, but we are proud to provide service plans across our range of models to ensure you’re always getting the best value.

What Your Service Care Does For You

From as little as £16.99 per month, you can benefit from a service plan on your new or used Citroën. These plans not only ensure there are no nasty surprises when the time comes to service your vehicle, but are inflation-proof and therefore not subject to change for the duration of the plan. Such value for money provides exceptional peace of mind and will enable you to enjoy your motoring between service intervals without concerns over expensive costs.

Get in Touch Today!

To learn more about the service plans available, as well as the range of servicing options provided by our experienced aftersales department, get in touch with your nearest Wilmoths Citroën dealership today. You can contact us by phone, online enquiry form, or by visiting one of the many dealerships across the south of England.