New ë-Relay Van

Adapted Architecture

The Citroën Relay range is available in 4 lengths and 3 heights, has a payload of up to 1870 kg, a loading volume of up to 17 m3, with 4 GVWR (total authorized weight) to support up to 4 tonnes. New Citroën ë-Relay 100% ëlectric is available in 3 lengths, with a payload of up to 1150 kg on the Panel Vans and volume of up to 15 m3.

Customised Comfort

Despite its powerful style, the Relay provides a peaceful driving experience. In the cabin, enjoy absolute calm thanks to enhanced soundproofing. With its suspension, drive how you want without being disturbed by bumps in the road. Finally, relax with comfortable seating designed according to the Advanced Comfort programme. In addition, if you choose the ë-Relay 100% ëlectric version, you'll be assured of the most serene drive.

The Advantages of 100% Electric

The New ë-Relay - 100% ëlectric is tailor-made for professionals to choose the version that is right for them, with two battery capacities of 37 kWh and 70 kWh. Two levels of range encompasses all daily journeys, including in low emissions zones, with reduced running costs. Enjoy journeys in ë-comfort mode thanks to its smooth driving and silence.

New Citroën ë-Relay 100% electric brings you driving comfort with the absence of vibration and noise. It provides real driving pleasure thanks to the fluidity of the electric mode and the torque present at start-up. Useful electrical information is displayed on the interior mirror, allowing the driver to see at a glance: The charge level of the traction battery in percentage, The vehicle's engaged speed: Drive, Neutral, Reverse, The current level (A), voltage (V) of the traction battery, The "Go green" indicator, which appears when starting and announces that the vehicle has started successfully.