Scrappage Scheme is the Business for Van Users

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Nemo Panel Van £3,000
Berlingo Panel Van (Excludes Berlingo Electric) £5,000
Dispatch Panel Van £5,500
Relay 30 Panel Van £6,000
Relay 33/35/40 Panel Van £7,000
* Prices towards new vehicles when scrapping in your old van. T&Cs apply.

Scrappage Scheme is the Business for Van Users

Nothing detracts more from the image of a business than staff turning up in a dirty, often battered, van when calling on customers.

But there’s no need for this anymore as Wilmoths has joined with Citroen to provide a scrappage scheme offering up to £7,000 (excluding VAT) when older vans are traded in for a new model.

The scheme goes further than those from other makes by including vehicles registered up to December 31 st 2010, a year newer than any rival.

The idea is to encourage customers to replace older, less efficient cars and vans with new, modern

and more efficient Euro 6 Citroen models. That’s especially important for vans, which spend much of their time on crowded urban streets where pollution from exhausts is often highest.

Customers who have owned a van of any make and model for more than 90 days, which was originally registered before 31 December, 2010, can trade it in and receive a scrappage allowance of between £3,000 and £7,000 (excl. VAT) against the purchase price of selected new Citroen panel vans. To qualify for the Citroen Scrappage Scheme, all new Citroen vehicles must be ordered and registered by 31 December 2017.

All vehicles part-exchanged under the scheme will be scrapped and recycled by CarTakeBack™, the Citroen brand’s approved vehicle car recycling partner in the UK.

Vehicles recycled by CarTakeBack™ are treated in an environmentally friendly manner, with all hazardous materials such as oil, batteries and tyres being disposed of responsibly. Processing by CarTakeBack™ will ensure that a DVLA Certificate of Destruction (COD) is issued for every vehicle recycled through the scheme.

The Citroen Scrappage Scheme cannot be used in conjunction with any other existing customer offer. However, retail customers will be able to benefit from dedicated Elect 3 PCP finance at 6.9% APR over 37 or 48 months.